It is time to bring the tools.

What ?

I have written many utility tools for my side projects and they are all scattered across my multiple personal machines. Come this year, I decided to throw in all the personal scripts that I had written into github repository so that I can stop re-inventing the wheel again when I needed them.

How ?

I have created a living repository in github called devops-tools ( This repo contains all the current and future scripts that I might reuse again. Note that it may or may not be useful for others but enough time is spent on making the scripts simple and easy to read and modify. Some scripts are written in javascript, some are in perl and some could be written in a language that might not be as well known like tcl or nimrod. I am a computer language aficionado and have personally used many esoteric languages than I care to keep track. One day, I will create my own programming language to stand next to the other 700 programming languages.

Why ?

What if there are languages that can express same logic in half the code size ? These are called scripting languages and are ideal for creating quick tools whether one-off or not.


All scripts in this folder are of Apache 2 License.