Review notes on a whitepaper about full-stack roles

I recently read an interesting whitepaper about the myth of Full-Stack Engineer/Developer,
published by Annual DevOps Enterprise Forum this year.

Below is a set of notes I took while reading the whitepaper:

Who is a Full-Stack Engineer/Developer ?

The answer varies but in this whitepaper it is defined as someone who has experience in all aspects of a software stack literally “from chips to CSS”[sic].

Origin of Full-Stack Position

What is Full Stack ?

The person should be familiar with below:

Problems with Full Stack Developer

How does it affect an Engineer who is hired as Full Stack Developer ?


The paper outlines an interesting solution. Instead of focusing on an Individual, focus on the Team. The organization should build Full Stack Team, that has combined skills for designing, building, deploying and operating software.

By switching from being a Full-Stack Engineer to being part of Full-Stack Team, you as an individual developer are avoiding being a single point of failure, or having to indulge in hero mentality and burnout.


This is my notes after reading the whitepaper and anything that I have misunderstood or misconstrued are entirely my fault. Read the original paper here -

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